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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A trip to Sin Chew!

This time, the booth members of Journalism and Media Studies visited Sin Chew Enterprise for a FAM Trip. The day started slowly with the heavy rain that has been hitting Malaysia lately, and the atmosphere was rather gloomy, but the visit to Sin Chew definitely turned the mood around.

While there, we saw newspapers from the 50s to the 90s. Back then, the fonts used were really small and the arrangement was very neat, the style of writing was different as well. We also got to see decades’ worth of newspapers from China, they that carried history for 100 years! We were quite awestruck to find papers of such historical value right before our eyes!

We then got to see the newspaper making factory and witnessed massive machines at work. The experience of watching it all first hand was beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Also, if you ever thought that making newspapers was easy, we are here to tell you that you are sadly mistaken, for there is so much effort made in producing newspapers daily. There are so many people around with their own special expertise and tasks.

The machines that are producing our daily Sin Chew papers

A sample of a newspaper blueprint before it is sent out for printing

After visiting the factory, we met up with Chun Kiat, a reporter with the Sin Chew newspaper who will be giving a public talk during our event!

He was formerly an SSH student who studied Mass Communications (Journalism) and he spoke to us about his experience in TAR College and his working experience in Sin Chew. It turns out he shares one of our most beloved lecturer as well (Don’t you want to find out who?).

Other than that, he gave us the low down on what it is like to be a reporter and the things they are required to do. We do feel indebted to him for teaching us so much, but if you want to learn from him too, watch out for him as our event is going to be hitting TAR College this December 14 to 16!

The Journalism and Media Studies booth, happy to be at Sin Chew
Special thanks to Sin Chew for the wonderful trip and the support they will be giving us during our 3 day exhibition in terms of information and materials for our booth.

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