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14th - 16th December 2009

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KL Main Campus

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The making of a psychological prison!

Walk out of your home and most likely you will see people going about their own business cheerfully. Living their life the best they can.

Look to the left and you see people greeting each other, look right, children happily chanting a rhyme while playing one of those classic childhood games we all love. All seems well in these people’s life.

Well, it is not always as it seems. That is what the Counselling and Psychology booth is here to tell you. Most of the time, problems and issues of our mental state reside deep within us. These feelings within us are hard to detect within a person and soon will cause social issues and problems.

Deep ain’t it? Well, just look at it like a prison. A prison holds bad people and criminals who cause problems to society and pose a danger to other people. But when one have served their sentence and is finally released, they are finally reborn into a better a person.

This is why we are using the concept of a Psychological Prison for our booth. It will highlight the prison within each and every one of us and the conflict within ourselves, our behaviour and our actions plus the social issues that develop from them.

Shown in these photos is our progress of conceptualizing the psychological prison in material form. We may be taking a more serious direction in presenting our booth from the others. But hey, unique stands out.

It all starts with a brainstormWorking out the bits and pieces for our jail

Our jail was coming to life in front of our very eyes

We will show you that through psychology studies and good counseling, everyone always have a way out of that prison. We hope you will find our booth, that will be displayed from 14th to the 16th December in the TARC canteen 2 foyer, to be an interesting one.

So how would you like to be a better person or possibly help others to be as well. We challenge you…

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