Countdown !

SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration!

14th - 16th December 2009

Time :
9am – 6pm

  Canteen 2 Foyer,
Tunku Abdul Rahman College(TARC)
KL Main Campus

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The faces behind the campaign

Our pre-event promo booth is over, our set-ups are in process, we are now busy slaving away with our final touches of our event to bring you our very best.

Before we you see our best, we want you to see our faces!

The many faces behind the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration that will be coming at you soon (See our advisor in white?)

Broadcast Communication Booth Team

The Public Relations Booth Team

The Hotel Management and Food Service Booth Team

The Graphic Design Booth Team

The Journalism and Media Studies Booth Team

The Advertising Booth Team

The Fashion Design Booth Team

The Tourism Booth Team

The Counselling & Psychology Booth Team

The Multimedia Design Booth Team
Did you know that we are not just in charge of our booths alone? All of the student organizers are charged with our 10 booth and the operations of the campaign on an overall scale.
With that, we also have four departments, which are the Public Relations & Marketing Communication department, the Security and Maintenance department, the Stage Programming department and the Sponsorship department.
Talk about dual roles! It can be a little overwhelming, but definitely worth it for a school that we love so much!

The 10 booth and 4 department leaders, with Ms Lim Siz Siz, our campaign advisor
**Pictures taken by and special thanks to Max Khoo

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