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14th - 16th December 2009

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Friday, December 11, 2009

The magic of white...

Okay Okay, many have been asking us about what exactly is the magic of white that appeared in our poster. It's hard to imagine what they can expect to see in our booth. So, to ease your pain, here we are giving you a sneak preview for you guys. By revealing to you what exactly the magic of white.

Basically, the magic of white is about the magic of a projector screen. On screen, we can make anything and everything come true. Yes, you can fly, you can fight, anything you name it, we got it. Everything is possible in multimedia design.

I bet most of you have watched "2012". What did you guys think about that movie? Awesome?

Yes. Visit us on 14 dec 2009, we will show you the making of movies like 2012.

We have the making of New Moon too!

Want to know how they turn into wolves? Visit us on 15 Dec 2009. If you haven't watch the movie, join our lucky draw. You might win it !

Also, we have one of the latest ones. The Princess and the Frog

Join our lucky draw. You might also win these movie tickets in our booth !

Check out the making of it on 16 Dec 2009 !

Watching the making of the movies will definitely make you appreciate how movies are made. When you see how hard they work, especially when adding in effects. It starts with research, then filming, and later, adding effects to make it perfect and realistic. It looks effortless, but when you watch closely, there is an impressive amount of work to be put in.

Please make sure you check out the Dancing Room before you leave. The Multimedia Design booth will have more surprise awaiting you.....Stay Tune!

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