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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roaring in the new year!

The tiger’s roar gets louder and louder as we count down to the coming Tiger Year.

After years of having Chinese New Year movies from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China hitting our shores, this year Malaysians will get the chance to watch a local production. "大日子Woohoo" is Malaysia’s first ever 100% locally produced heartwarming Chinese New Year Film, hitting cinema screens this 14th January!

Producing a film locally is not an easy process as it involves coordination from different aspects and most importantly the budgeting of a film is a huge concern. Knowing this, the Broadcast Communication team invited Director Chiu of this 大日子Woohoo film to share his experience in the making of this film during 15th December, the second day of the event.

Director Chiu, who is now the Astro Chinese Program Manager, engaged actively in directing TV series, advertisement, MV and TV programmes. He was an assistant director in a Singapore Chinese New Year film,"Winners take all" , producer of favorite travelling and award-winning TV program "Go Travel" and "Step Forward".

The sharing session on the go! Director Chiu (in red cap and top)
bringing out the festive mood of <大日子woohoo>!

He brought along one of his stars, Ah Yoke, with him and shared about how he chose his actors and actresses; that it was not a must for her/him to have lots of experience. Instead, he explained that he would be more concerned with the ways an actor communicates with their eyes and body language. He also explained that as a director, it is important to have strong justifications for every decision made.

Other sharing topics include the conceptualization of the movie, location scouting, new technology -red cam used in shooting the film, budget and etc. The sharing visit also revealed 10 (out of 1000) limited handmade Woohoos, which are the movie's premium items, in the shape of cute tiny tiger dolls. The little dolls were given away by Director Chiu to participants of a short quiz held after the sharing session.

The making of this film is revealed to the audiences through their book, <相信。可能>. This book, with 200 pages, captures the whole making process of the movie, showing you the scenes and props design layout, words from the production team, to give you a behind the scenes view of producing a film. If you want to know how things were translated from ideas into a full length movie, you just have to give this book a read!

Cover page of the Handbook for Film Making Process of Woohoo. Check it out to know more about the making of this movie before its release this coming January.

To find out more about 大日子Woohoo and their book, check out their blog ( their Facebook(

Yeah, it’s our turn!... We committee members from Broadcast Communication team and the event advisor, Ms Lim(Who is holding a Woohoo doll), posed for a photo with Director Chiu and Ah Yoke before we said goodbye

Autograph session…Director Chiu and Ah Yoke sharing a laugh as fans came up for autographs.
Before we leave, we would just like to say
-SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration Campaigners-

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