Countdown !

SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration!

14th - 16th December 2009

Time :
9am – 6pm

  Canteen 2 Foyer,
Tunku Abdul Rahman College(TARC)
KL Main Campus

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roaring in the new year!

The tiger’s roar gets louder and louder as we count down to the coming Tiger Year.

After years of having Chinese New Year movies from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China hitting our shores, this year Malaysians will get the chance to watch a local production. "大日子Woohoo" is Malaysia’s first ever 100% locally produced heartwarming Chinese New Year Film, hitting cinema screens this 14th January!

Producing a film locally is not an easy process as it involves coordination from different aspects and most importantly the budgeting of a film is a huge concern. Knowing this, the Broadcast Communication team invited Director Chiu of this 大日子Woohoo film to share his experience in the making of this film during 15th December, the second day of the event.

Director Chiu, who is now the Astro Chinese Program Manager, engaged actively in directing TV series, advertisement, MV and TV programmes. He was an assistant director in a Singapore Chinese New Year film,"Winners take all" , producer of favorite travelling and award-winning TV program "Go Travel" and "Step Forward".

The sharing session on the go! Director Chiu (in red cap and top)
bringing out the festive mood of <大日子woohoo>!

He brought along one of his stars, Ah Yoke, with him and shared about how he chose his actors and actresses; that it was not a must for her/him to have lots of experience. Instead, he explained that he would be more concerned with the ways an actor communicates with their eyes and body language. He also explained that as a director, it is important to have strong justifications for every decision made.

Other sharing topics include the conceptualization of the movie, location scouting, new technology -red cam used in shooting the film, budget and etc. The sharing visit also revealed 10 (out of 1000) limited handmade Woohoos, which are the movie's premium items, in the shape of cute tiny tiger dolls. The little dolls were given away by Director Chiu to participants of a short quiz held after the sharing session.

The making of this film is revealed to the audiences through their book, <相信。可能>. This book, with 200 pages, captures the whole making process of the movie, showing you the scenes and props design layout, words from the production team, to give you a behind the scenes view of producing a film. If you want to know how things were translated from ideas into a full length movie, you just have to give this book a read!

Cover page of the Handbook for Film Making Process of Woohoo. Check it out to know more about the making of this movie before its release this coming January.

To find out more about 大日子Woohoo and their book, check out their blog ( their Facebook(

Yeah, it’s our turn!... We committee members from Broadcast Communication team and the event advisor, Ms Lim(Who is holding a Woohoo doll), posed for a photo with Director Chiu and Ah Yoke before we said goodbye

Autograph session…Director Chiu and Ah Yoke sharing a laugh as fans came up for autographs.
Before we leave, we would just like to say
-SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration Campaigners-

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look what we found!

We found ourselves on Sin Chew!

Special thanks to Sin Chew for giving us 2 write ups, one before the 3-day event and one during!

We are also featured on the Comic Studios blog, written by blogger Dylan.

To find his write-ups on our 3-day event, click below:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Before we go, we would like to wish you all Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The SSH Alumni Homecoming

SSH celebrated it's birthday on the 19th of December, the real birthdate, with The SSH Alumni Homecoming dinner. And a few (busybody) representatives of the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration Campaign joined the fun!

It was not just a chance for a reunion of old friends for many of the alumni, but also a chance to eat good food! (Very good food!)

Mr Lee Hwee Chuin, who still was fondly respected by these former students, gave a speech thanking all that came for this dinner and gave his heartfelt thanks for every single alumni who has represented SSH in such good light in the industry for the past years, some of whom that have gained recognition for their work. He was obviously very proud.

It was truly a night to remember...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's not over...

While the event might have closed successfully, it is not the end of SSH or the students from APR2 and AMS2.

It merely marks the new beginning of the many great things that is to come.

This is not the last post you will be seeing on this blog either, we will be bringing you more news about us.

So remember to come back here and check on us! ;P

For more pictures, check out our Facebook photo album! Click here!

The campaigners packing up after the event, eco-consciously of course!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What really went down...

After all the hammering, heavy lifting, sweating under the hot sun and those many late nights of all boils down to the 3 very important days!

What exactly happened? You already know about the what actually went down on those important 3 days?

Well, to say it simply, all 10 booths were all out in Spirit, Soul and Heart!

Montage courtesy of Dylan (C0mic Studios), click here to his blog

Here is the low down, pictorial style!

Day one
Masters at work... Two talented SSH students working on the Live Graffiti Demonstration by the Graphic Design booth

The product of their labour...
Thumbs up for a good public talk...The lecturers of SSH posing with the Sin Chew reporter in the public talk hosted by the team of the Journalism and Media Studies booth.

Day Two

YUM SENG!! A toast to a wonderful marriage between Mr SSH and Ms EMSD. The marriage was witnessed by the father of SSH, Mr. Lee Hwee Chuin, and the father of EMSD, Mr Oo Pou San and VIP guest, Director of Student Affairs Department, Mr Ung Thean Lim. Organised by the PR booth to celebrate the Extra Mural Studies Department's entry into SSH.Woohoo!! Director Chiu, of Woohoo famed, poses with the quiz winners of his sharing session organised by the Broadcast Communication booth.

Day Three

Tourism royalty...Andrea Cheah, Miss Tourism Queen Selangor 2009 and Justina Au Yong, 2nd runner up for Miss Kuala Lumpur Tourism Queen of the Year 2007, presenting awards to the winners of Mr. and Miss Tourism Search, Evelyn Yong Chin Foong and Jonathan Ong Meng Soon(in the middle).

Danell Lee, obviously excited to be here as he performed his hit, Mimpi, in Malay and Chinese to demonstrate that he too is "Simply Versatile".

All's well that ends well...It ended with smiles and pictures with Danell Lee!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The launch of SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration!

As promised, the pictures from the launch of the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration!!!

The Vice Principal, Mr Chan Kum Wing, and the Head of School, Mr Lee Hwee Chuin, receiving a huge present from the APR 2 and AMS 2 students

Opening the box in anticipation!

The city is unveiled, look at the impressed and suprised looks on their faces!

Next, we had a cake cutting session

The TARC VIPs cutting the cake together on stage

More pictures coming your way!!!

The celebration kicks off!

The SSH City was launched today by Mr Chan Kum Wing, the Vice Principal of Tunku Abdul Rahman College, and Mr Lee Hwee Chuin, the head of the School of Social Science and Humanities, as part of the start of our campaign!

So remember to stop by and experience the 10 different booths, we have plenty of games, activities and goodies heading your way!!

Want pictures? Don't worry, we will be bombing you up with more photos tomorrow! So, stay tuned!!! ;P

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The faces behind the campaign

Our pre-event promo booth is over, our set-ups are in process, we are now busy slaving away with our final touches of our event to bring you our very best.

Before we you see our best, we want you to see our faces!

The many faces behind the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration that will be coming at you soon (See our advisor in white?)

Broadcast Communication Booth Team

The Public Relations Booth Team

The Hotel Management and Food Service Booth Team

The Graphic Design Booth Team

The Journalism and Media Studies Booth Team

The Advertising Booth Team

The Fashion Design Booth Team

The Tourism Booth Team

The Counselling & Psychology Booth Team

The Multimedia Design Booth Team
Did you know that we are not just in charge of our booths alone? All of the student organizers are charged with our 10 booth and the operations of the campaign on an overall scale.
With that, we also have four departments, which are the Public Relations & Marketing Communication department, the Security and Maintenance department, the Stage Programming department and the Sponsorship department.
Talk about dual roles! It can be a little overwhelming, but definitely worth it for a school that we love so much!

The 10 booth and 4 department leaders, with Ms Lim Siz Siz, our campaign advisor
**Pictures taken by and special thanks to Max Khoo

Mr & Ms Tourism Search

Mr. & Miss Tourism Search is adding a touch of glamour to the Tourism booth in conjunction with the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration. The beauty search is the first organised on behalf of the Tourism course in TAR College, ‘Showcase of Beauty, Intellect and Talent, as the slogan illustrate the objectives of this search as advocating the Tourism course as a whole, cultivating talents and the winner will become the representatives for the Tourism course in TARC.
There were 6 finalists whereby 3 males and 3 females selected for the final that to be held during the third day of SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration;

Come see them live!
Date: Dec 16th, 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 12.30pm -2pm
Venue: Foyer, Canteen 2 TAR College KL Campus

With auditions and pre-selections, contestants could compete with any talents whether it is singing, dancing, acting or telling jokes, apart from the fixed routines like self-introduction in dual languages , for instance, English and Mandarin for Chinese contestants, Q & A session and showcase simple catwalk.

M1 - Lim Meng Seng
M2 - Jonathan Ong Meng Soon
M3 - Sin Guan Ming
F1 - Evelyn Yong Chin Foong
F2 - Mia Chong Earn Hui
F3 - Jessyca Cheong Pik Yan
After 2 days of auditions, 6 contestants were chosen out of vast number of applicants and were arranged into couple teams, the 3 couple finalists gathered at KLCC park on a weekend, for a photo shoot session and they were socializing among themselves to relax so that they are comfortable with their respective partners to be able to perform their best to audiences.

Before the shooting session started

The couples are:

C1 - Lim Meng Seng & Evelyn Yong Chin Foong

C2 – Jonathan Ong Meng Soon & Mia Chong Earn Hui

C3 - Sin Guan Ming & Jessyca Cheong Pik Yan

Winning Mr. & Miss Tourism Search assure each winner a travel package to Pulau Redang Laguna Resort. We earnestly invite you to join us witnessing the birth of Mr. & Miss Tourism TARC 2009.

** Photo shoots session courtesy from Nick, Ling and Zoe

Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting Cozy with Mr C

The PRO PR team from the PR booth recently interview Mr. Chuan Tek Pheung. Mr Chuan, or more fondly known as Mr. C, is an experienced lecturer skilled in both PR and Journalism. He is also a programme supervisor for the Diploma students in Mass Communication (Public Relations).

1.We understand that you majored in Journalism as a student, we would like to know how related is your academic background to your job title today which is the Programme Supervisor for Public Relations in TAR College, KL?

A:I started out being in love with Journalism and the news; I signed up as one of TAR College’s first batch of Journalism students way back in 1994. It was in the United States, when I was pursuing my Degree that I first got interested in Public Relations.

PR and Journalism are, many times, two sides of the same coin; I believe they suit my nature of needing to know and wanting to showcase.

2. How many years have you been attached to the Public Relations programme of TAR College, and what is the best experience, biggest achievements, and basically, proudest moments you have ever had, educating PR students?

A:I joined TAR College in 1998 after completing my US Degree through a college scholarship, and then became Programme Supervisor for Public Relations in 2000. There have been many memorable experience and moments these 11 years.

I believe when my compatriots and I succeed in outlining courses that increase and enhance our students’ experiential skills, and when we hear our PR alumni making it into the management level in the industry, we feel the proudest as educators.

3. What are the specific criteria and qualities that a PR student must have, what does it take to be a real good PR practitioner? It sure is not about how much you like to talk, right?

A:Well, talk is cheap, as they say. In the years I’ve taught and guided, I’ve found that graduates who’ve made something of themselves in the industry were the ones who read beyond text-books, the ones who loved the challenges of hands-on assignments, like organizing PR campaigns or excelling in practical coursework, and of course those who treated their internship tenure as real work, rather than having a mere trainee mentality.

4. How far do you agree with the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” to describe a PR practitioner’s job scope? What are the actual main job scopes? Are they capable of doing everything?

A: From what I’ve seen of our graduates, most had started their jobs as what you’ve termed “Jack of all trades” – they’d gotten their hands dirty doing all sorts of technical work. Those who’ve succeeded climbed up the ladder by mastering the essentials of their current position’s or organization’s needs.

My colleagues and I have always made sure that our students are aware of the reality of the job market – everyone starts from scratch, before they can taste success.

5. Please advise on the do’s and don’ts in the real working world, especially to your future Public Relations practitioners.

A: My advice: Love your job, because you chose it. Two, you work for your boss, so help your management achieve more, in good corporate image and financially, of course. Thirdly, have a conscience – know that your management, your colleagues and your publics are humans, just like you. And lastly, never cause the public undue harm.

6.Public Relations is considered a respected profession in the UK and in the US, but we seem to have some issues here in Malaysia. What do you think are the misperceptions of PR in Malaysia?

A:This misinterpretation about PR exists everywhere; not just in Malaysia. What are we called often – spin doctors, propagandists, apologists? I believe that PR practitioners must start excelling in both PR and organizational expertise, before they are able to gain trust to counsel and convince their management to, as they say, do good to the public, in the process of making the business or organization a success.

We try to open up the minds of our students, getting them to grasp knowledge and skills that goes beyond PR, because PR doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it exists in a market and an economy. Only when students know about the world they work in, can they make wise choices about the work they do, which affects their management, client, and also the public.

7.What is the contribution of Public Relations in businesses of various industries, to the society today?

A: I often say: PR is everywhere – it can mean Public Relations as a job in a variety of industries; it can also mean Personal Relations because we are humans who communicate with others, and many times, we find ourselves trying to convince each other of our opinions.

I humbly conclude this, as I have much more to learn. For me, to contribute to business success, PR practitioners must improve themselves beyond just PR, media and mass communication. To contribute to society, we must first realize that a dissatisfied public can really do our business and organization harm.

Constantly observe your Personal Relations habits; by doing this, you’ll make daily decisions in Public Relations and other work that are personal choices with consequences that you should accept.

Cherry from the PROs PR team interviewing Mr C

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