Countdown !

SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration!

14th - 16th December 2009

Time :
9am – 6pm

  Canteen 2 Foyer,
Tunku Abdul Rahman College(TARC)
KL Main Campus

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The prelude to the massive fun ahead!

This week, as we prepare to give you our all on the 14th to 16th December, we have also set up a pre-event promo booth in the TARC canteen 2 foyer!

Come and stop by, and you'll get to see the humble beginnings of SSH, through the pictures from, our head of school, Mr Lee's personal collection.

Also, we have the latest updates about our event games and activities by each booth! You can even dedicate a message to wish SSH a "Happy Birthday"!

Our booth at canteen 2 foyer awaits you!

Also,come see our giant birthday cake,and guess how many "10"s are there and win yourself a prize!

Can you guess how many "10"s are placed on this cake?


关于鄙人 said...

Nice cake ^^

APR2 AMS2 09/10 said...

LOL! Thank you! It does look good enough to eat, doesn't it?

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