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SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration!

14th - 16th December 2009

Time :
9am – 6pm

  Canteen 2 Foyer,
Tunku Abdul Rahman College(TARC)
KL Main Campus

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hotel Management & Food Service team on the go

The Hotel Management and Food Service booth team has been both excited and busy as they set out to look for more goodies for you!

Yeah, that’s right. Just not too long ago, the team went to “Sticky”, the newly opened shop in 1Utama that sells candies, in hopes to get you all some tasty treats when you join us for our SSH celebrations!

And guess what? The wonderful people of “Sticky” have agreed to be our sponsors! Not only will they be providing us treats to give to you as door gifts, they also promised to give a special game prize which we will reveal during our event. Be sure to check back with us in December to find out what it is. ;P

The simple meeting at “Sticky” turned into something more, as we got a live demonstration of the candy making process, these candies are handmade! Boy, were we impressed!

Sticky- Even the entrance looked sweet

Just looking at the display of colorful candies made our mouth water
We were treated to a live demonstration on how these candies are hand made

Its amazing how so much work is put into these tiny but delightful candies

Other than the visit to “Sticky”, we also visited our very own Tunku Abdul Rahman College restaurant, well, technically, we were visiting the kitchen. Hotel Management students, with the help of their practical lecturers, run the entire restaurant! We were lucky to have a rare look behind the scenes of the busy restaurant, and in this visit, we learned how to make “Sushi Roll Sandwiches”!

I am sure many are familiar with “Sushi rolls”, but for this, instead of rice, we use bread. The process was fun, and the results, splendid! They were so delicious, we had a hard time trying not to finish all our rolls immediately after making it so we can show you our end product, it took great restraint on our part.

I bet now you are wondering why are we doing this, correct? It is because we are going to teach you how to make your own “Sushi Roll Sandwiches” and the best part, we are even going to reward you for it too! All this will be happening at our booth! So, check out our "Sushi Roll Sandwich" recipe at and practice!
Special thanks to Chef Mak who taught us how to get things done
It took great restraint to not finish all these before taking a picture

So, keep tabs on the Hotel Management and Food Service booth. We will be seeing and serving you soon! ;)

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