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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A mission for inspiration

In need of inspiration to decorate booth in a way that is appealing and creative, the team for the booth of Graphic Design went to the Pipit 3rd anniversary bazaar, it is a one day craft bazaar for independent artists & designers to sell and promote their handmade craft, it was held at Annexe Gallery. The Annexe Gallery is a non profit centre for contemporary art and is a platform for young artist to express themselves through all kinds of events.

On the day of our visit, there were more than 20 stalls selling DIY craft, accessories, hand-made dolls, bags, patchwork, coin purses, painting, illustration and so on. This year, Mari Brand from Tokyo was invited to this event to share their limited hand-made product as well. There were so many things to be seen, everything was so colorful and nicely made!

Mari Brand is known as the main attraction for Pipit. Check out their signature icon, the handmade apple on the Xmas tree.

Handmade luggage necklaces by Evangelione, a passionate craft artist from Johor Bahru

The crowd gathering in front of a handmade accessories stall. The goods are selling like hot cakes.

Art on canvas

Special patchwork pillowcase with compartments to place remote control and tissues, according to Filifele’s co-founder Beny Kong.

After visiting Pipit craft bazaar, we proceeded next door for a graphic design exhibition. With all that we have seen, we can definitely say our mission of gaining inspiration was successful!

Some of the artworks are displayed in luggages

3D Art

Can you read the hidden message in this painting?

We also went to another gallery where paintings were up for sale. Those paintings are from local artists, ranging from abstract painting to our country tourist attraction KLCC tower.

Wouldn't you like to bring some of these inspiring art home?

Want to see how we are going to fully utilize our new found inspiration? Come over to our booth this December to see!

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