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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Visiting Leo Burnett-An experience to remember

On the 12th of November 2009, three representatives from the Advertising booth team visited Leo Burnett, which is not only an international advertising firm and but also the 4th largest communication network in the world.

Uncle Burnett’s portrait greets us upon arrival

With the strength of 170 personnel, LB Malaysia boasts a wide portfolio of clients under its belt such as PETRONAS, Malaysia Airlines, Tenaga Nasional, McDonald’s, and others. Leo Burnett is also the place where the late Yasmin Ahmad worked since 1993.

Once we stepped into the entrance of Leo Burnett, we were astonished by its beautiful and cozy interior design. The thoughts of "WANTING TO GET A JOB HERE!!" entered our minds, especially so when we were invited to their "leisure room" to await for our meeting. We were anxious!

Our nervousness faded away as Ms. Mazuin Zin, who is the Client Service Director, and Mr. Suresh, the Strategic Planning Director, greeted us warmly. We were there to gain support for our Advertising booth in terms of information and materials. They were helpful and friendly, lucky for us, we had their support without any hesitation. In fact we were informed that we are the first group of students to have approached them in terms of requesting support from them. We are definitely very honored by this. The kindness we received is definitely appreciated.

That pathway leads us to the Late Yasmin Ahmad’s office

Pool table and bar area

Spacious workplace


At the end of our meeting, Mr. Suresh agreed to bring us for a tour in LB’s office.

Advertising is a demanding career that leaves one not only feeling accelerated but also exhausted, that is why LB Malaysia has such a relaxed office setting. As we looked around, there were pool tables, sofas, a bar, an amphitheatre and big glass windows where we can see the sun shining from the outside, this explains LB’s organizational culture more or less. The earth-tone space emits the sense of comfort and belonging-ness.

All in all, we would like to say thank you, the people of Leo Burnett, for such an insightful visit.


Before you go, let us ponder one of Uncle Burnett’s most memorable quotes “When you reach for the stars you may not quite get me, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either”…


chuan said...

To me, Yasmin Ahmad is a True Malaysian.


Her TV-ad titled Funeral won one of the two top awards at the recent 2009 Kancil Awards, Malaysia’s premier advertising awards show.

It shows a woman addressing the people at her husband’s funeral, saying that she hoped her three children would also find life partners who were as “beautifully imperfect” as her husband was.

-Adapted from The Star-

APR2 AMS2 09/10 said...

Indeed she is,and it was truly an honor for our Advertising booth team to have been able to visit her former workplace

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